Red Deer grad photographer – summertime moments

Ok well, it’s actually now October 17th, which tells me that I completely forgot to finish and schedule this blog post. . . So let’s get on with it shall we?  🙂

October 1. On the eve of a very possible snow storm, I am finding it difficult to think of anything but the warm summer time moments I spent with so many families this year. This particular family had me in stitches pretty much from the moment I took my camera out of its bag. The first image I couldn’t and still can’t get over, of this brother who looks to have had enough of his older sisters antics . . . what a perfect moment of silliness. I actually love to show a family’s many sides because it’s those moments, when combined with the more serious and/or touching ones, that you are more able to recollect how you felt at that particular moment in time. This family didn’t disappoint. A local family, but even having lived in this town for many years, we rarely crossed paths, and I didn’t really know them well.  After their session, I can’t wait to photograph them again. Yes. It was that fun. I love it when you meet a family for their session, and it feels like you’re in the middle of a family gathering, or informal party. Like you’re part of the family. Because they’re THAT comfortable with you, you with that big lens in their face. I’m thinking that being a grad photographer in Lacombe, and photographing the entire family along with the grad, is the best possible way to go about the end of their highschool year in photos. After all, they started as a family, right?


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