Red Deer Family Photography

I had this sweet little bunch into the studio just a few weeks ago. How cute are those little boys??? I know they will love seeing these images up on their walls, and you know what they say, a child who regularly sees pictures of himself feels more loved, valued and accepted. And well, it’s about time this family updated their family portraits!! When baby isn’t a baby anymore, it’s time folks!!! 🙂
Ideally I’d love to see my clients in once a year when the kids are small. . . so many changes when they’re little, it’s great to get everyone in front of the camera to see those changes!! Think about that for awhile.. . . what would you have to give up in your daily life to be able to make a yearly portrait possible? And I’m not talking about 20 pictures. Who needs 20 pictures? I’m talking about ONE PERFECT SHOT. When you think about all of the things you habitually purchase during the day/week/month that you could actually live without, you’d be surprised what that adds up to. Think of your kids and how much these pictures will mean to them when they really need them most. xoxo


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