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red deer family photographer

Learning some posing a finding light with Scott Robert Lim

I don’t know about any of you, but do you ever return from a weekend of learning and feel like you need to take a day off just to absorb it all? Well maybe it was more the fact that it’s Monday. And Monday’s are generally shitty. Right? I seriously need to change that, I’d have so much more time to do things if Monday didn’t get all the attention that it does (for being a day wrecker). So this weekend was Alberta’s annual convention.  It’s always a fun time at any annual convention, national or provincial. This years provincial was no different. Held at the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino, we were treated to world class speakers Lisa Evans,

red deer family photographer

Lisa Evans, showing us her before and after images.

Michele Celentano, and Scott Robert Lim.

red deer family photographer

posing our lovely model in this awesome runway of light!!!

Even a couple of our very own members, Karyn Lee and Jeff McDonald, got up very early each morning for the early risers, to teach us about SEO and Photoshop techniques. For those that wanted to attend and either see their own images being judged, or just learn about the process, there was also the accreditation judging happening all day Saturday.

red deer family photographer

After dinner photos with THE Lisa Evans 🙂

Lunches provided were delicious, and the service was excellent. I may have had a few too many desserts. . . (and a lot of fish!!)
The awards banquet was fantastic and well attended, with some well deserved awards being handed out. This year I didn’t fair as well as I’d have hoped, with only one image getting accepted. But the percentage of those accepted or higher were about 30%, so I do feel like one of the lucky ones, and am happy to be in the company of the winning image makers. I WILL do better at nationals. That is my goal. Perhaps I should start getting those fine tuned now 🙂
The after banquet fun was unexpected and very much appreciated. I got the chance to speak personally with my new favourite mentor, Lisa Evans, who is an amazing portrait artist. Nothing like a dance party with a bunch of ladies to end the night. Makes you feel like you really belong, and that you’re all on the same playing field. After all, we are there to lift each other up. That’s what I love, have always loved, about the PPOC. I have never quite felt there was any other organization out there that had what I needed, with fellow members all around me, just a phone call away, who could help with anything I might need, you can’t quite get that anywhere else. And the vendors. My printer of choice was the sponsor at this event, and they are at EVERY event the PPOC holds. Always something new to offer us as professionals, Kathy is there to answer questions and provide guidance should we need help choosing any one of their amazing products. They really are a great sponsor, and our winning images were printed up and ready to take home, with a small donation to a chosen charity. win/win. If you’re a photographer reading this, I highly encourage you to check out the PPOC. There has never been a better time than right now, in a market with so many photographers. Join an organization that will offer you the tools to get ahead, to better yourself and/or your business, to be a part of something valuable!

A fresh start. . . again

A new website, and a new blog. It’s time to freshen stuff up here online, to make things more inviting for me to WANT to blog. It’s kinda like cooking. . . I’m sure if I had a fancy new kitchen (which I’ve been bugging my dear hubby about for YEARS), I’d enjoy cooking a lot more. 🙂  So here it is. It’s going to take some getting used to I’m sure, but I’ve decided to do things a little differently than I have before. I won’t just be blogging about my latest work, but also about other things that I find interesting, or things that I think might hopefully be interesting for you to read or see. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!! Show me I’m not here all by myself. . . talking to myself. . . 😉   And because this IS a photo blog. . . I will share a photo with every post.

Cause it would just be too weird NOT to.

This beautiful piece of garden glory, “Stonecrop – sunsparkler dazzleberry” is brand new to my flower bed this year, and I can’t wait for it to start blooming!! I have decided to try to revive the pathetic sight that my flower bed is right now. . . such a sad existence.

Canon 100mm Macro L

©Marlene Palamarek-Painted Light Photography 2015

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