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Last month was the annual PPOC National Salon competition, where photographers from all over Canada submit their work to be inspected, scrutinized, magnified, critiqued, you name it, by a panel of qualified judges. Each of these judges must have a minimum of Craftsman of Photographic Arts (my next goal within the PPOC) and have been trained as jurors, to be able to review the submissions. To be accepted into the Salon exhibition is no easy task, and often makes me sick to my stomach to even think of entering. . . but it’s the critique from the judges that we’re hungry for. . .

So onto the judging, we are lucky to be able to stream it live over the weekend as they are judging. I entered the maximum four images. This was the only one that made it in, scoring an “Accepted”. I was fine with that, and stopped watching once all of my images had been judged. It is also possible for an image to be re scored, and it wasn’t until I received my email a week later that I found out it had indeed been re-scored, to a Merit!! I was shocked and elated. Phew!! This takes away the disappointment of the other three not hanging in the show.

Fast forward a month. .National Convention (this year being held in Calgary) was just this past week. I was excited and nervous, having never attended I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, (I’m STILL excited as I type this) my image received a Best In Class at the award ceremonies!! I think I was still in shock from winning a prize of $500 towards anything PPOC related, just moments before. . . at this point I am looking forward to attending the 2017 National Convention in Ottawa. 🙂

As for the story of “Take Good Care of my Baby”. . . this bride and groom were my first wedding clients of 2016. . the love, tenderness, and warmth of the ceremony is all I can remember, January’s bitter cold is well overshadowed by the moments I witnessed on this day. As the bride was escorted down the aisle, I got into position to capture the usual kiss a bride gives her daddy, but before the groom takes her hand, her father pulls him in close, and BAM! Perfection captured!! I knew exactly what to title this image as soon as I saw the moment unfolding in front of me. I am also a little surprised it was not blurry. . . I get very teary eyed at most every wedding I shoot at this particular moment!! To be honest, there were quite a few PJ moments I considered entering, but I could only enter one, so glad I chose this one. 🙂

Take Good Care of my Baby Marlene Palamarek     19 Photojournalistic Wedding, Merit

Take Good Care of my Baby
Marlene Palamarek
19 Photojournalistic Wedding, Merit


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